Showreel 2016:

an updated version of my showreel, I put together some of the shots that I did during my study at “iAnimate” along with the works from the projects that I’ve been working on. for some shots I haven’t had the permission to share the models and textures so I loaded the animations onto the simplified riggs.

Thanks for watching.


In-Game Cinematic:

Well finally I finished working on this piece, this project had a lots of ups and downs for me and so many challenges that I had to overcome, but as my final journey with iAnimate gaming program it’s not only the final result that I’m happy about but the overall experience that I’ve had during the whole class. I learned many great things, how to make sacrifices in order to get things right and done and how sometimes your best Ideas are not a good fit for the project, how you should come up with a solution while you’re working with the team supervisor and etc and of course all thanks to the amazing instructor “David Lam” who helped me through out the whole process and made me to further realize what is going on in our today’s gaming industry.

BTW I don’t want to go over the cliché saying that I had so much fun working on this project, NO, there was times that I got frustrated like hell that I wanted throw my desktop computer out of the window, it happens to all of us so don’t hide it! 😉

Character Interaction & Takedown:

finished working on this piece, had a bit of hard time though since I had to do lot of constraint on some controllers and constrainting wasn’t always my strongest point!


iAnimate Game Workshop 1 Progress Reel:

this reel contains of my assignments for iAnimate Game Workshop 1
Instructor: David Lam
Software: Autodesk Maya


In-Game Combat Animations 2012:

this short preview showcases some melee combat and ability animations for an IOS game I worked on 2 years ago.
I wasn’t allowed to share the meshes and the textures of the game, so I load the animations using a simple character that I’ve made for this purpose. 

IN-GAME combat animation